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15 Solo Date Ideas


With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I decided to dedicate this post to all girls out there who might not be able to spend time with their spouses or who are single and just need solo date ideas. 

Look no further because I’ve come up with the perfect 15 solo date ideas for you! 

If anyone remembers the song Riding Solo, that’s all that I hear in my head right now as I write this post. 

But just because you are riding solo doesn’t mean you can’t have fun for Valentine’s Day. 

Solo Date Night Ideas

Who doesn’t love a little fun day or night out? I know I sure do, even if it’s riding solo.(Riding solo, riding solo, solo!) So here are five date nights out: 

  1. Try visiting a small town or maybe a little weekend getaway 
  2. Visit a light show 
  3. Attend a class to learn something new
  4. Go to a new restaurant you have been wanting to try 
  5. Go to a show or check out a local museum 

Solo At-Home Date Ideas

If you are more of a homebody and going out in public isn’t your thing, you’d rather spend a nice night in, well, girl, I got you. Here are date ideas at home: 

  1. Have a marathon of your favorite movies or ones you’ve wanted to watch 
  2. Cook yourself your favorite food or try a new recipe 
  3. Make your own candles 
  4. Read your favorite book or try a new book to read 
  5. Enjoy a good karaoke night at home with your favorite songs 

Solo Date Ideas

Maybe going out on the town solo at night isn’t your thing, or perhaps you want to spice things up and not have a solo date at home. If neither one of those is for you, here are a few date ideas for the daytime: 

  1. Go on a fun hiking trail or explore nature—maybe even a greenhouse 
  2. A day of thrifting at local thrift shops or ones you always wanted to try
  3. Enjoy a lunch date out or try a new hobby, maybe stop by a local bookstore on the way home 
  4. Volunteer at an animal shelter (Although,I do not recommend this if you’re a softy like me and would adopt all of the dogs!) or volunteer at a local charity or non-profit 
  5. Spend intentional time with Jesus 

Conclusion About Solo Date Ideas

Having fun solo date ideas can be exciting, adventurous, and thrilling. You don’t have to be bored at home staring at the wall. You can enjoy Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year with these fun ideas and more. 

So, this year, enjoy your solo dates, whether that’s a solo date night at home or a solo date night out. You can still enjoy date nights even if you are riding solo. Gosh that dang song again! Lol

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Ashley Marie

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