I love a good cup of coffee (with enough vanilla creamer to make my heart happy) and wearing ripped jeans (yes, even in my thirties, I still love them!). And most importantly, I’m a complete lover of Jesus.  

Throughout my life, I’ve grown to believe that what the devil tries to destroy, God can make whole. This blog has been on my heart for years, but to really capture its significance, we have to go back to the beginning.

I’m a social worker by day, a writer by night, and the founder of Broken Until Now. 

Hi, I’m Ashley!

It’s been years since the days I wrote in the pink journal, but in the time that followed, God was molding my tenacity and awakening my passion for writing. 

They were my refuge when I was without one, my strength when I had none, and my hope when all felt lost. I found Jesus in those pages. Even when I didn’t know him yet, he was there.

I journaled the pieces of my life that felt heavy. The agony of not being raised by my biological parents, social workers coming in and out of my life, and the pain of my abuse. The hurt that filled my tear-stained journals was my voice when I didn't have one, and when no one in the world understood my pain, I had those crisp white pages. 

My middle school teacher gave me my first journal. And with that gift came my love for writing. 

The Little Pink Journal

It’s a place where I’ll share parts of my own past, encouragement through Scripture, and tools to help you begin to see yourself as God sees you: perfect. 

Today, this blog is a place where you can come for encouragement, resources, and inspiration. 

the blog

Broken Until Now is when you stop allowing your past, your hurts, your insecurities, whatever it may be, to come in the way and allow God to heal your broken parts. 

You look up at him with tears in your eyes as you take back your shoes and lace them up. Then, you take His hand and say, "I’m ready. I’m ready to be broken...until now."

You get home after a hard day full of pain and frustration. You feel alone and empty, and you’re ready to quit. You stop where you are, take off your shoes, and throw them with such anger, feeling completely defeated. But suddenly you realize, you’re not alone at all. God’s there, and he picks up your shoes, gently handing them back to you. In a soft, calming voice he asks, “Are you ready? Because I’m not finished with you yet.”

Picture this: 

broken until now

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