Finding Faith: 5 Steps To Trust God’s Plan


Have you ever questioned God’s plan for your life? Or maybe you are struggling with God’s guidance after experiencing disappointments or setbacks? Are you ready to start finding faith and to trust God’s plan for your life? If so, let’s jump in together.

Why Is It Hard To Trust God

A few years back, I experienced the worst heartbreak of my life. I thought I would marry my then-boyfriend of five years until he said “not necessarily” when I asked him if he wanted to marry me. If you are looking for how to survive your heartbreak, click here.

Then, a year ago, I got diagnosed with a rare genetic condition that caused my world to spin upside down. It was devastating and caused me to question everything, even the plans I knew God had for me. I thought I heard God wrong, or was playing a sick joke on me, but I found that none of those things were true.

When we experience such hurt like heartbreak, a negative pregnancy test, or when the one we love gets diagnosed with a disease we didn’t see coming, where do you turn? What do you do?

Here are five steps to find faith and begin to trust God’s plan for your life.

Step 1: Reflect When God Has Been Faithful

Reflect on when God was faithful before in your life. Start writing down when God was faithful before. How did you provide for your needs? How did you get delivered from that complex situation you desperately asked for help with?

Write those moments down. They can help you set a foundation for when God has been faithful. God isn’t a God of false promises or a God who only half shows up. He is faithful. (If you are looking for a journal to write those moments down we have journals available on our resource page.)

Step 2: Surrender Control

Surrender control! Gosh, it’s that hard? It is for me. I love being in control!!!! (It’s something I’m still working on!)

But to surrender control, you should remember who is in control, and it isn’t you. It’s God! You are not in control of every aspect of your life. Yes, you control what coffee you want, but there is so much peace when surrendering to God about the big things.

Step 3: Pray and Read The Bible

Seek God by reading his Word and through prayer. If you need suggestions on what Bibles to buy, here is a link to my Amazon storefront!

Developing a pattern of prayer and reading his Word creates intimacy, which will help you discern God’s plan for you and help you with the guidance you seek.

Step 4: Community Of Believers

Develop a relationship with other believers. Connecting with other believers puts you in the mindset of wanting God’s best. Having relationships with other believers helps you with accountability, support, and encouragement with life’s difficulties.

It can also help you trust God’s plan for your life.

Step 5: Small Steps Of Faith

Taking small steps of faith can help you trust God’s plan for your life. You don’t always have to take giant leaps to trust God’s plan.

I remember when God told me to quit my job during the pandemic. For a control freak like me, that was rough! It was a giant leap, but I took little leaps first. I started to save money long before I quit my job; I prayed a ton, built a community with people who were also praying for God’s best for me, and read books about people who took seasons of rest.

If you want to learn to trust God during an unknown season of life, click here.

Conclusion On How To Trust God’s Plan

By following these five steps, you can develop a deeper trust in God’s plan and have peace that passes all understanding. You can clarify your purpose and align your life with his purpose for you.

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