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Broken Until Now Babes

Tell us about yourself (Who you are, what you do, and a favorite quote).

My name is Ambur Gregorio.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and I own a holistic mental health therapy practice called Integrate Therapy and Wellness Collective.

We have 4 mental health therapists and 1 Integrative Health Coach. We help our clients to heal from trauma in a holistic way.

My absolute favorite quote that I share with clients all the time- “Vulnerability is our most accurate measure of courage” -Brene Brown

What is your brand and what is its mission? 

Our mission is to help our clients completely heal from the hard things that they have experienced in life- difficult relationships, grief, abandonment, conflict, abuse, etc. We offer EMDR therapy (among many other modalities), which is a model that helps clients access healing in a different way than standard talk therapy alone.

We pay attention to how the body holds difficult emotions and recognize that mental health is not separate from all other systems and parts of the body. 

I like to use the analogy of nervousness- If I feel the emotion of fear because I have to give a speech in front of a large group, my bowels will likely respond and I might feel like I need to poop my pants. My stomach may turn- all because of a thought or emotion.

The same thing happens when we endure trauma- whether it is attachment trauma, difficult relationships, critical incidents- our body holds that too. 

What made you start your business and how does someone find you (social media, email, etc.)? 

I began my career working with Adult Probation in Lancaster County for many years. Working in corrections, you see the cycle of addiction and the generational trauma that just continues in such a cyclical way.

I saw a pattern of my clients desperately trying to find a way to survive due to the trauma that they carried with them from their childhood and into their adult lives.

I decided that I wanted to be a part of the solution. I went back to school to be a therapist so that I could help adults heal from their childhood trauma.

Instagram: @integrate_therapyandwellness


How has your past led you to where you are today?

Girl, one day I’m going to write a book- look me up in 5 years. 😆

I definitely experienced some childhood trauma. I also had so many protective factors and a lovely mother that helped me find my way.

As an adult, I continuously navigate and unlock new parts of myself that still need nurtured and healed. 

We are all so dynamic as humans. We have so many parts of self. Motherhood put me through a raw transformation that unearthed trauma reactions that I had never met before – iykyk. 

Being a neurodivergent human, I also constantly learn new ways to care for myself and meet sensory needs so that I can show up in my relationships with more capacity for vulnerability and connection. 

What are the key takeaways you’ve learned since you started your healing journey?

Healing is absolutely possible. You are not permanently damaged.

I have the privilege of bearing witness to a beautiful, raw, process of healing and rebirth in my clients day after day.

They are the real MVP’s and I am so privileged to be permitted into their space. 

We develop parts of our personality to protect ourselves as we go through difficult things in life. Those parts are not just protecting us from being hurt again, they’re also preventing us from intimacy, connection, and authentic joy.

With healing comes the capacity to be more vulnerable. With vulnerability comes the space for intimacy. 

What do you wish someone would have told you when you were healing?

You are not broken. Healing happens in layers. The outcome is a you that you love and accept in a radical way!

What advice or steps would you recommend for someone who may be on the same journey as you, or what services you are offering?

Get connected with a therapist. You are worthy of the time and effort that it takes to heal. Therapy is for everyone! I’m a therapist, and I’ve had my therapist too. EMDR literally changed my life and my nervous system.

Reach out if you need help.

I know it can be so frustrating to search and find a therapist in network with your insurance, accepting new clients, and someone trained in the specialty that you’re looking for!

I’m an enneagram 2, so I love to help.  

Our practice has some therapists that are accepting new clients- teens, adults, and families. They offer EMDR and a holistic, integrative approach! If we can’t help you, we’ll work hard to connect you with someone who can.

We also have a health coach available that can help with any kind of targeted behavior modification, in addition to nutrition. 

If you looking for a therapist in the Pennsylvania area then Ambur and her team at Integrate Therapy and Wellness Collective could be a great fit for you.

You can contact Ambur on Instagram at @integrate_therapyandwellness or on her website at

Thank you Ambur for being apart of the blog!

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