Trauma Resurfaces

How To Deal With Trauma Resurfacing


Have you ever had something traumatic happen that caused old trauma to resurface? If you’re currently struggling with old trauma resurfacing from new trauma, this blog post is for you. Here are 5 ways to deal with old trauma when it resurfaces. 

Trauma Resurfacing

A few months ago, you probably saw on social media something called the tortilla challenge. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it involves two people smacking each other with a tortilla in the face while they have water in their mouth.

If you still don’t know what this challenge is, click here.

My two friends, Brielle and Jordan, did this a few months back and the video is hilarious. 

All joking aside, trauma is a real thing, and when it rears its ugly head  it can hit you like a tortilla and leave water spilling out of your mouth except the tortilla is the trauma, and the water is your life. 

All of the emotions, fears, and insecurities come back. It can cause your emotions, your well-being, and your comfort zone to be exposed.

Recently, I had some old trauma resurface caused by some new trauma. If I’m honest, I’m still walking through those things, but I’m handling the situation way differently than before. 

If you’re in a situation where you feel like you are walking through trauma again or if trauma is resurfacing, here are a few helpful tips.

1. Lean Into Jesus

The Bible is pretty clear that the Devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy. So, why wouldn’t he attack the area that you have previous trauma in or cause the trauma to resurface? 

I know many Christians will say, “We know how the story ends and how Jesus wins,” which is 150% correct. But when we’re in it, we can’t really see through it. 

Each day feels hard, challenging, and a constant reminder of what has happened or what is happening. 

The difference now though is you know what you did before to survive, and even if you didn’t know Jesus before, you know him now. 

Even if you don’t know Jesus, I promise he knows you! You can always reach out to him. He wants to be your friend. 

In the Bible, many scriptures talk about compassion. God is compassionate about those in need and those who have suffered. In Romans it says, “For he says to Moses, ‘I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion.’” Vs. 9:15

God has compassion and mercy towards you and he wants you to know that.

2. Try Junk Journaling

Junk journaling, or picture journals as they can sometimes be called, is a journal that has pictures or sayings that are cut up and pasted in them. 

They are full of creativity that you create, and they allow you to easily use the creative part of your brain for when the trauma is resurfacing as a coping mechanism. 

3. Staying On A Routine

Staying on your routine is so important when you are walking through trauma resurfacing or any trauma in general. It helps to not lose sight of your life. 

There were a few days for me when I didn’t do laundry and didn’t want to do anything, but I stayed in my routine anyway. 

I made myself dinner and went to work even though there were days that I was physically there, but mentally I was not. 

But sticking to my routine was so important when the trauma did resurface.

4. Talk About It

Talking about the trauma or even the childhood trauma that could be resurfacing in your adulthood is so important. 

Whether you’re talking to a friend, mentor, or therapist, getting it out to a supportive person will help you gain control of your thoughts, feelings, and help you move forward. 

This was a really big one for me in the beginning especially. It helped me realize I wasn’t alone and that  I had an army of people behind me, even if only a few people knew what was going on.

5. Do Kind Things For Yourself

Being kind to yourself when your life has turned upside down is so important. 

I believe as a society we are compassionate to other people, but oftentimes we forget ourselves. 

In the throws of life, being compassionate to ourselves seems to foreign, but it’s not. 

During the beginning stages of my trauma resurfacing, I took myself to coffee shops. I made food I enjoy and just did things that make me happy. Putting pressure on myself to get everything done, or do it all, wasn’t an option. I did what I could.

This is your time to give yourself grace and not pressure yourself to do more. Just be kind to yourself during this process.

Conclusion About Trauma Resurfacing

When trauma happens or when trauma resurfaces, it can be gut wrenching. It can be hard to deal with the trauma or the trauma resurfacing.

I pray these 5 tips helped you with trauma resurfacing.

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