How To (Re)Connect With Jesus


Do you struggle to connect with God? Are you afraid that he will be this horrible dictator? Or even worse, did you have a negative experience with Christians? Maybe you had a negative experience with a church, so the idea of (re)connecting with Jesus is terrifying. Or maybe you just want to know how to connect with Jesus. I’ve been there, but for me to really explain how to (re)connect with Jesus, let me share my own reconnection story.

How To (Re)Connect With Jesus

My Reconnection Story

While in college, my brother was wounded in combat while serving in the Marines and it changed my life. Around the same time period, I was also struggling with a personal event that happened, and I wasn’t handling either situation well.  

I badly wanted a quick fix because everything else I was trying wasn’t helping the way I hoped. So I thought I could try a quick fix, JESUS!

I knew my quick fix would require me to go to church again, because living with a pastor for a few years growing up wasn’t grueling enough for me at the time, apparently. So I thought, let’s go, for fun. Then the thought came to me that I should probably buy a Bible, so that’s what I did.

So, off to the Christian bookstore I went. I picked up a Bible and was off for my quick fix with Jesus.

During my Jesus journey, I made some friends with a few girls who were Christians, and one of them was named Rachel. She wore her faith wide open for everyone to see. She was different from me regarding what she believed, but I didn’t care. I was just glad to call her my friend. She also knew I called myself a Christian, but being a Christian and saying you’re a Christian are two different things. 

Rachel knew that something was brewing once I tried my quick fix with Jesus while she just watched on the sidelines. Until one day, I received a text that said, “When I saw you yesterday your face just radiated with the love of Jesus.” 

Unfortunately, Rachel and I lost touch a few years ago, but I think about her often and hope one day to reconnect.

What I realized during my reconnection journey is that Jesus wasn’t a quick fix, he was the fix. The fix that I needed.

Now since you know my reconnection with Jesus’ story, let’s dig into ways for you to (re)connect with Jesus.

Be Opened Minded

Church hurt, Christian hurt, and trauma within the Christian community is a real thing. Even worse is that it’s still happening, and Jesus’ words are being used out of context as a way to hurt people.

This is so not okay and God does not want this.

Jesus isn’t a God that hurts people. Hurt people hurt people. So, be open minded to Jesus and your journey to reconnect with Jesus.

Talk To Jesus

Talk to Jesus like he is your best friend. I do this often. In the morning while I’m drinking my coffee, when I get off work, or even throughout the day.

I tell God everyday before work, “Okay Lord, time to go to work.” And before bed, I say, “I love you Jesus and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I talk to him like he is sitting right next to me.

So, talk to Jesus like he is your best. He cares about what you care about and he wants to hear from you.

Be Opened To The Bible

I remember buying my first Bible as a Christian again. It was purple and green. Not really my style anymore, but I loved it.

Now there are many translations to help you understand God’s word. My personal favorite is CSB. (This is a link to my Amazon Storefront where you can purchase a CSB Bible. I do get a commission with each purchase.)

Reading your Bible can be fun, especially when you have one you understand. So, be opened to the Bible and the words God has written inside of it.

Church, Anyone?

As a kid I went to a Brethren Church for a few years and they were very traditional. I wore dresses and prayer coverings.

It was all about our Sunday best. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with tradition, but now that’s not what I’m looking for in a church.

I now go to a non-denominational church and wear jeans! Thank you Jesus!

Not every church is one size fits all kind of deal. It takes going, reading what the church is about, and knowing if they have people you can connect with.

Get To Know Other Christians

I now realize that I thought I knew everything about Jesus and being a Christian before my quick fix Jesus days, but I didn’t. My friends that God placed in my life helped me.

Getting to know other Christian’s doesn’t mean you need to forgo other people in your life, it just means you get to expand your circle.

Conclusion On (Re)Connecting With Jesus

I understand to (re)connect with Jesus may seem hard, difficult, or maybe even off putting because of trauma that you may have experienced from the church, people that called themselves a church, or your own view of Jesus, and honestly all of those things are okay.

I would love for you to know the Jesus I know. The one who loves and wants a relationship with you.

The one who cares about your day, your heart, and what’s going on in your life.

Yes, building a relationship takes time, but be open minded to Jesus, the Bible, and church. Get to know others who love Jesus too.

Each one of us is on our own journey, but I promise you your journey to (re)connect with Jesus is and will be worth it!

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Ashley Marie

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