Enjoying the little things in life

How To Enjoy The Little Things Of Life


Have you ever wondered why people care about the little things in life? Why are they so happy about the most minor things that seem just that small? If you have asked yourself these questions and want to know how to enjoy the little things of life, this blog post is for you.

Example On How To Enjoy The Little Things Of Life

Recently, I purchased a new car, and people have asked what my favorite feature about the car is. My response is always the same: “The seat goes up in the air.” This feature in the car makes my heart so happy. If you know me in real life, I’m really short. I’m 4 ’11” and ½, and yes, the half matters.

But maybe someone else would have said the Bluetooth, the space that the car provides, or how the interior is laid out. But nope, not me. I couldn’t  care less about that. I was just excited that I could see over the hood.

It’s the little things in life that bring us enjoyment.

3 Tips To Enjoy The Little Things Of Life

Enjoying the little things in life seems simple, but it can be challenging if life hasn’t always been so kind to you.

So, here are three tips to enjoy the little things of life.

1. Step Outside & Enjoy The View

When I took my sabbatical previously, I would go on walks a lot and enjoy the small things. For example, if I found a neat-looking leaf, a fun rock, or pretty flowers, I would enjoy them.

I stepped out and enjoyed the view. I allowed myself to see God’s work in a whole new way.

So, when you want to enjoy the little things of life, step out and enjoy the view.

2. Practice Being Grateful

While on my sabbatical, my friend had a small candle-making company, and I loved her lemon candles. Well, one didn’t come out just right, so she gave me two instead of one.

I was so grateful and happy. I was able to enjoy two candles instead of one.

Did you know enjoying the little things in life, like an extra candle, a walk on the beach, etc., can help lower your blood pressure and reduce stress and self-doubt?

3. Practice You Time

Schedule time or make time for yourself. Nothing is better than getting to know yourself and enjoying your own company.

It allows you to work through your thoughts and emotions and is also a great way to practice self-care.

For example, recently, I was hungry for cereal. I’m not a big cereal person, but I was so excited to go to the grocery store, buy cereal, and then go home and watch Netflix. It was the best time!

Practice you time and find and do things you enjoy.

Conclusion About Enjoying The Little Things Of Life

Enjoying the little things in life is fun and exciting. You start to see a different perspective on the small things, especially for anyone to whom life hasn’t been kind. It also allows you to see God’s beauty and his hand at work.

I hope this blog post has blessed you and that these three tips help you enjoy life’s little things.

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Ashley Marie

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