5 Steps To Step Out In Faith & Trying Something New


If you have been following my journey, you know I opened a little shop at Prussian Street Arcade in their Lancaster store. If you didn’t know that, surprise!!! You can now buy our journals, stickers, and more there. But with this excitement came a lot of uncertainty, and if you want to know how to step out in faith and try something new, this blog post is for you. I will review how I stepped out in faith for my little shop.

5 Steps To Stepping Out In Faith

Stepping out in faith is uncertain and not always easy, and if you are anything like me, you question a million things. You may also want to step out in faith, but you wonder if anyone will buy it. Will the process be too complicated? What happens if no one reads it? Girl, those are all questions I asked myself.

So, without further ado, here are five steps to stepping out in faith.

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1. Ask Question & Do Your Research

If you know me in real life, I ask many questions (I think my copywriter Janna would agree!), especially during the beginning phases of opening up my business (this blog) and selling at Prussian Street Arcade.

I asked lots of questions and did even more research.

I spoke to people a few steps ahead of me and watched YouTube videos.

So, when you want to start something new, ask questions and do your research.

Even if you don’t know everything, that’s okay. Again, you can be a beginner.

Other people have been where you are and can offer advice, help, and encouragement.

If I can help, please feel free to message me at welcome@brokenuntilnow.com.

2. Apply & Try Something New

After you ask questions and research, apply and try something new. It’s okay to try something new and be a beginner. It’s okay even to be scared while you do it.

But ask yourself this: will I regret not trying? Is the fear I’m having hurting me or helping me?

I weighed the outcome when I applied at Prussian Street Arcade (and a few other places). They could love me or say I wasn’t what they sought. Both would have been okay.

But I knew the only way to get my writing out to a bigger audience (not that I don’t love my little audience) and to help more women was to expand.

3. Set Up A Start Date

Once you have agreed to try something new, the next thing is to set up a start date. This makes it real, and looking back, for me, was the scariest part.

There was no turning back now!

But I knew my goal was to help people, and I had to start to help them. Honestly, I gave myself a week to get everything together, which I would not recommend.

It was stressful and not a peaceful experience, but the Lord came through, and everything came together. (Thank you for overnight shipping of products!)

4. Release The Fears

When I made my start date and set up my shop, I prayed over my little space and asked God to bless my efforts.

I asked God to touch the women my writings would impact and release my fears of being a beginner.
And you know what, something unique happened—I let go and let God.

I released the control I wanted to have over my space. I made my rent within the first week of business, which is incredible if you ask me.

So, release your fears. You are again allowed to be a beginner. You’re allowed to try something new. You are even allowed to detour if needed.

5. Time To Celebrate

The final step is to celebrate. Celebrate that you just accomplished something unique! You stepped out in faith and tried something new. You kicked butt and took names, Jesus’ way, of course, and you did it!

So, celebrate! I celebrated by wearing a cute outfit the day my store launched on February 1st. It’s probably cheesy, but it’s a me thing!

I made sure my colors matched my blog, and I looked pretty!

So, whatever you need to do to celebrate, please do it! Celebrate the daily tiny goals leading to your bigger goal because you started something new.

Conclusion About Starting Something New

Whether you are opening up your own business like me, or you are applying for a new job or school, starting something new is big and scary all at the same time.

But remember, it’s okay to be a beginner.

Jesus walks before you, so when you are going through it, he walks beside you. Jesus already knows the outcome, but sometimes it takes stepping out and starting something new.

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