The Little Pink Journal


Has God ever seemed anonymous to you, but years later, you were able to realize God was showing you a path, his goodness, and his love? This is my personal story of the years God seemed anonymous to me through my little pink journal.


Throughout my life, I’ve grown to believe that what the devil tries to destroy, God can make whole.

My middle school teacher gave me my first journal. And with that gift, came my love for writing. I journaled the pieces of my life that felt heavy. It detailed the agonies of not being raised by my biological parents, of social workers coming in and out of my life, and the pain of being abused. 

The hurt that filled my tear-stained journals was my voice when I didn’t have one. When no one in the world understood my pain, I had those crisp white pages. They were my refuge when I was without one, my strength when I had none, and my hope when all felt lost.  I found Jesus in those pages. Even when I didn’t know him yet, he was there. 

It’s been years since the days I wrote in the little pink journal, but in the time that followed, God has been molding my tenacity and awakening my passion for writing. God used the journal to introduce me to Himself. 

He has allowed me to realize this one important lesson in life.

Even in our deepest sorrows, God is with us, and the hardest moments of our lives become the moments we realize we were destined for more. His story is my little pink journal. 

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Ashley Marie

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