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Have you ever wanted to try a no-spend challenge, but wondered if it was worth it? Or maybe you were hoping for an update on someone who is walking through one.

Well, this blog post is for you. I am currently six months into my no-spend challenge, and I wanted to give everyone an update and also share a few things I learned to help you if you are interested in a no-spend challenge.

My No-Spend Update

Since I started my no-spend challenge, I can count with my fingers what I have bought for “myself.”

I will list them below.

  • 3 pair of work pants
  • 3 shirts for work
  • 2 pair overalls (I had a gift card for the one.)
  • A set of earrings from Redefine Beauty Co. (I got these after Reframe because I survived my first vendor show!)
  • A headband for my birthday which was my gift to myself.

I realized that I have a lot of outfit choices and ideas based on the things I have or have purchased.

I will say that I don’t account for certain things that I use throughout the year—the journals I write in, or hair gel (if you have wavy or textured hair, you understand! lol).

With that being said, here are a few things I have learned since I have been on my no-spend challenge.

1. Spending Habits

Once you decide to shift your mind and try a no-spend challenge, you realize that you often spend money on things you don’t really need.

For example, I love buying clothing. I love the feeling of something new, but I learned that when we purchase a new item, our brains release endorphins and dopamine.

Doing this often can lead to compulsive spending habits.

Now, I ask myself three questions when I look at an item.

  1. Do I need this item?
  2. Do I have something similar?
  3. How many working hours would this cost me if I buy this item?

If I can answer those questions honestly, and it’s a need, I don’t have anything similar, and it won’t break my budget or the number of working hours, then I go ahead with the purchase.

2. Breaking Habits

Breaking habits isn’t easy, but just because it’s not easy doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

It would have been so easy for me to go to Target and buy something just to justify my going there, but I realized that once you start to say no, the habit gets easier and easier to break.

I also make a list when I go somewhere so I’m not tempted to buy something that’s not on the list.

Again, be reasonable—if you realize you forgot to put toothpaste on the list, girl, you better get that toothpaste.

3. Goals

Since my no-spending, I have carried my yearly goals in my journal.

Even me seeing it holds me accountable.

I remind myself of my goals because that’s the whole reason for this challenge: to reach my goals and to know what’s essential and what’s not.

I also want to honor God with my money, so remembering that is important. I always say it’s God’s money, He is just letting me borrow it. 

Remember your goals—sometimes, you must remind yourself why you’re participating in a no-spend challenge.

4. Situations

Since I started my no-spend challenge, I don’t put myself in situations where I can spend money on something I don’t need.

Recently, instead of going somewhere, I took my dog on a hike. He enjoyed it and so did I.

But, now since I’m in the middle of my no-spend challenge, I’m pretty good at window shopping instead of buying items.

5. Friendships

I know I just discussed situations, but I want you to hear me when I say this: don’t let your relationships suffer because you are on a no-spend.

If my friends or anyone wants to get together for lunch, I let myself go.

Spending time with the people you love and building connections is essential.

So, don’t limit yourself because you are on a no-spend. Have fun!

Conclusion About A No-Spend Challenge

No-spend challenges can be fun and teach you a lot about yourself.

They can help you focus on your goals, learn healthy habits, and serve God with the money He has given you. Lastly, they can help you create a life you love.

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Ashley Marie

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