25 Journaling Prompts to Get You Started With Journaling


If you are looking for journaling prompts and want to know how journaling helped me and how it can help you too, read on.

This is my story of how journaling helped me and how it can help you too. I do often wonder if people think journaling is for young elementary school girls who are worried about whether the boy they like will be in their math class, and because of this idea, they don’t think it can truly help them. 

For years it held that stigma for me. If you grew up in the 90’s then you will remember the little Lisa Frank journals that had a lock and key. Let’s be honest, the key was nothing special. If you had a spare key from another journal AKA dairy, then it could unlock it. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here you go

For kids though, those journals held secrets, fun facts, and the latest drama going on at school. 

How Journaling Has Helped Me

If you know any part of my story, then you know journaling became my outlet and where I found Jesus. My middle school teacher gave me my first journal and with that gift came my love for writing. 

I journaled the pieces of my life that felt heavy. The hurt that filled my tear-stained journals was my voice when I didn’t have one, and when no one in the world understood my pain, I had those crisp white pages. If you want to read more about my story, here is the link to my about page of my blog. 

As women, we can get back to that. Back to the love of the crisp white pages. The love of spending time with yourself to discuss your hopes, dreams, and desires, or to just write out how your day went. 

If you are looking for journals to start your journaling journey, you can now purchase journals on my Etsy shop. A link is available here.

How Effective Is Journaling

Remember when you were kid and you wanted your journal to know all about your day, how you wanted to make sure that your voice was heard, that you wanted your journal to know that Karen did kiss John under the tree and stole your best friend? And how dare she not sit with you at lunch! 

In all seriousness though, those things seem so childish now, but back then they were important to you. 

Think about the little girl you were then and start writing from your heart. And even if you weren’t a writer as a kid, that’s okay too. 

If you are struggling with coming up with where to start, here are 25 journaling prompts to get your started.

To make the journaling prompts easier for you, I divided the topics up into morning prompts, evening prompts, mental health prompts, and Jesus prompts. 

Journaling Prompts For Morning

  1. How am I feeling? Am I worried about anything? 
  2. What is one thing I would like to do today?
  3. What are some goals I have for myself today?
  4. Is there anything from yesterday that I am bringing into today that can cause havoc on my day? 
  5. How did I sleep last night?

Evening Journaling Prompts

  1. What went well about my day and why?
  2. What didn’t go well about my day and why? 
  3. What are 5 things I am grateful for? 
  4. What are some goals I would like to accomplish this week?
  5. What are some goals I would like to accomplish tomorrow?

Journaling Prompts For Mental Health

  1. What are 5 adjectives that describe myself?
  2. Write about a memory that makes me happy. 
  3. What is something that I believe about myself that isn’t true and why do I believe this? 
  4. Where is my safe place and why? 
  5. What is my favorite emotion and why?

Journaling Prompts For Jesus

  1. Talk to Jesus…like just start writing to him.
  2. What areas in my life am I thankful to Jesus for? 
  3. What are areas in my life that I would like to talk to Jesus about?  
  4. What areas am I struggling with in trusting Jesus and why? 
  5. What are ways Jesus has come through for me in the past?

Can Journaling Help With Trauma?

Journaling has been shown to help manage anxiety, reduce stress, and help cope with depression. It helps people prioritize their fears, concerns and problems. It is a great way to track your symptoms if you are struggling with triggers and helps identify negative thoughts.

Conclusion About Journaling

Journaling has helped me process my thoughts, feelings, beliefs, desires, and dreams. It has given me an outlet from my anxiety and PTSD, and it has allowed me to open up my eyes to a whole new way of feeling and thinking. It allowed Jesus to work in my heart and allowed me to hear from him. Journaling can help you too, you just have to open up to the page. 

If you are looking for journals to start your journaling journey, you can now purchase journals on my Etsy shop. A link is available here.

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