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3 Tips On How To Tell Your Life Story


If you’re struggling to tell your story that will reach others and release the desire God has called on your life, read on.

How To Tell Your Story
How To Tell Your Life Story

Sitting in the office, I was told to stop sharing my story. The words stung deep and penetrated my heart in ways I never thought possible.

I realized that day, words really matter. Especially how we say them, but more importantly the devastation they leave behind. 

As I walked out of that office, I stopped sharing my story because I thought that was what you were supposed to do. 

People and Jesus continued to speak words of wisdom into my soul and encouraged me to share my story, but the words just wouldn’t come out. 

All I replayed in my head was that day in the office.

What I took away from that day is that stories don’t matter and no one wants to hear them, but that’s not true.

Over the next several years, God continued to show me that stories do matter, and that they provide hope, encouragement, and help others feel less alone. They allow others to see how helpless someone was and how God saved them.

How To Share Your Life Story

Let’s get this out of the way right here right now: sharing your story takes vulnerability and transparency. It takes the courage to know that fear is a liar.

Insert Fear Is A Liar from Zach Williams. (I’m currently jamming out to this song at a local coffee shop as I write this!)

To share your story, healing needs to happen first. There needs to be a level of healing that takes place in order to help someone else. These people are just a few steps behind you. They are looking to you on how to take those first steps forward.

I can’t say what amount of healing needs to be done because that’s between you and Jesus.

What Is Your Why?

When you are aware of what your why is, it’s a game changer.

It allows you to know how you want to tell your story. But more importantly, why you want to share your story.

If you are struggling with your why, I will share mine.

My why is that I want women to know that they are perfect, valuable, and loved.

There was a time I felt the complete opposite of this. I felt less than perfect because of my past abuse, less than valuable because I felt like damaged goods because of my history of sexual abuse, and differently unloved because I felt like I was the kid that no one wanted from growing up in and out of foster care.

I don’t want any woman, including you, to feel like you have to live in your past. Just because you experienced something gut-wrenching doesn’t mean there isn’t beauty in your story or that you matter any less.

I’m not okaying behavior that was done to you, said to you, or hurt you. What happened to you matters.

These fun shirts are currently available on my Etsy shop brokenuntilnowco and come in other fun colors for you to enjoy, and to remind you that you are perfect, valuable, and loved.

Even Jesus Had Haters

Yes, even Jesus had haters, and I want to remind you of this because Jesus is bigger than the haters. They are people that won’t understand your reason behind your why because they don’t understand the calling you have in your life.

With every doubtful person who has said don’t share, there are 20 other women, including myself, who are cheering you on.

When I was growing up, I would say that I had silent cheerleaders in my life.

Growing up the way I did, some people didn’t stay in your life forever, or the goodbyes happened more quickly than you thought they would.

When the Individuals weren’t in my life anymore, I called them my silent cheerleaders. They were cheering me on even when I didn’t hear them because they weren’t in my life anymore.

So, imagine me cheering you on. I am your silent cheerleader!

How to tell your story matters and I am cheering you on.

So, when you are feeling like the haters are getting to you, remember that even Jesus had haters.

Have A Plan

Have a plan, or as I like to say, have a game plan. You can’t just share your story without a plan, just like you can’t play baseball without a plan. I’m not a sports fan, but I’m sure you have to have a plan in place to play baseball. Someone has to be a pitcher, an outfielder, and a baseman.

Ask yourself the following questions:

What parts does Jesus want me to share?

What part of my story do I want to keep out?

What are others struggling with and how does my story benefit them?

Where To Post Your Story

You can post your story on social media, make a video for Tiktok, or share during a women’s group.

You can also share your story here at Broken Until Now. I would love to feature your story and what you are doing for others, and how God is using your story to impact the world through Broken Until Now Babes.

If you are questioning how to tell your story, the Compel training program is a great organization to help women to share their stories through writing.

It’s a training ground for women to help build their God-given purpose.

I am currently a Compel member, and I love it.

If you want to sign up for Compel here. is the link. It is only opened a few times a year so even if it is not opened when you are reading this post, you can be notified when it opens again.

Sharing your story takes transparency, availability, knowing your why, and having silent cheerleaders in your corner and for you not to believe the naysayers.

To help share my own story, I say it’s God’s story, and he is just letting me borrow it. 

It’s a little easier on my heart these days.

I want you to know stories build businesses, change laws, build trust, grow communities, and change the world! Sharing your story only takes a few steps, from knowing your why, realizing that even Jesus had haters, and having a plan. I will be your silent cheerleader cheering you on because your story matters. 

I want to leave you with this question: What are you willing to do with your story because others are waiting to hear what you have to say?


Ashley Marie

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