4 Ways To Embrace The What Is In Your Life


If you are looking for ways to embrace the “what is” in your life, read on.

A year ago this week, I traveled to North Carolina from Pennsylvania for a medical procedure, and I brought the book Turn Toward the Sun: Releasing What If and Embracing What Is, by Mandy Hale, along with me. 

I started this book before I left and finished it at the end of my trip. The book is about embracing the “what is” instead of living in the what ifs.

I needed this book this week because God knew that I would be hearing some news that would be hard, challenging, and devastating to me, and to know I didn’t cause this level of pain is a hard pill for me to swallow. 

I know none of the information I learned was a surprise to God, and I am forever grateful for my friend that came down to North Carolina with me and the amazing doctor I will continue to use in the future.

When I was coming out of surgery, in the recovery room, I said, “I miss my mom.” I did, and I do every day. 

If you don’t know any part of my story, here are the cliff notes. My biological mother did not raise me, and she passed away when I was in high school.

Later that day, my friend said I should write a letter to her.

You may think I’m nuts, but I know I’m not. I saw my mom when I wrote the letter. I saw her wearing a black shirt and blue jeans with her long, thick hair. It was a much younger version of herself. And I also saw Jesus sitting there. God told me that he was there. He was there in a place she couldn’t be.  

God is in the place where they couldn’t be.

Broken Until Now

God is and will always be with us, even when the world seems hard, challenging, and at times so hurtful. I highly recommend Mandy Hale’s book if you are questioning your what ifs instead of living in the what is. 

4 Ways To Stop Your What Ifs

  1. Cling to Jesus even when you are questioning everything: the world, your heart, your trauma, and your pain. He hears you. He knows you!
  2. Find a therapist that understands you, listens to you and respects you. 
  3. Have an army of friends who walk alongside you that will laugh with you, cry with you, and honor you.
  4. Write a letter if you need to. Release that pain of the what ifs and start living in the what is.

What Is Now

In my own life, I can’t think of the what if’s, only the what is now. What is for me is that I have an amazing MOTHER, the world’s best friends that will walk alongside me, a doctor that will help fix me, and a Jesus that walks before me…And that what is, is enough for me.

If you’re trying to release the what ifs and embrace the what is, read this book—highlight in it, circle words and phrases, and write quotes from it on your wall. Just let this book sink in. God will move in the areas He needs to for you. 

So embrace the what is, instead of the what ifs, today. 

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