Tools For Studying The Bible

5 Tools For Studying The Bible


For a lot of my life, I thought the Bible was written by a bunch of old dudes and therefore didn’t make a lot of sense or apply to me. It was written YEARS ago, so how could it matter to me today? I even said things like, “I believe parts of the  Bible.” But that all changed once I started using these tools for studying the Bible. If you want to grow closer to Jesus and understand the Bible with helpful tools, read on. 

Why Study The Bible?

Studying the Bible helps us understand how to live life well with the Bible as a guide. 

But God also gifted amazing people that provide helpful resources to help us understand his Word. 

As you read through these resources, picture me sitting with you holding a cup of coffee as I get way too excited about these resources. Check out these 5 tools for studying the Bible.

The Bible Recap

I love The Bible Recap. It’s a podcast and also a book where each year, Tara-Leigh-Cobble takes you through the Bible and breaks down each book from Genesis to Revelations. It has completely changed my Bible study game. 

The way she explains the Bible is honest, raw, and yet still fun.

It is very easy to follow along and you can also find the reading plan in the Bible app. 

The Bible Recap Podcast is a great resource if you like listening to someone else explain the Bible. And if listening to someone else explain the Bible isn’t your thing, The Bible Recap also has a book called The Bible Recap Book

Both are amazing, and I use both.

The podcast can be found on all major podcast outlets and The Bible Recap Book can be found on The Bible Recap website. 

The Daily Grace Co

The Daily Grace Co Products has Bibles, resources, Bible studies, and more. 

The two resources I love the most are The Promises of God and their Bible tabs. There products are helpful and honestly so pretty.

Most of the time, The Daily Grace Co has sales happening. Check out their website to learn more.

Hosanna Revival

I love love love Hosanna Revival.

And I love the Hosanna Revival Journaling Bible even more. 

Their Bibles are beautiful. I might own more than one. Okay, I own like 4. 

They have CSB, NIV, ESV, NLT Bibles and you can now preorder KJV. 

The Bible Project

I can’t say enough good things about The Bible Project. They have videos and a podcast to help you understand the Bible. I mainly watch their videos. If you are a visual learner or just like to hear about the Bible, The Bible Project is a great resource. 

Bonus Resources

Now the last few resources are just bonuses, and you don’t need them when you are using tools for studying the Bible, but they can be helpful.  

Midliners Highlighters 

Midliners are highlighters I use when I want to highlight anything that stands out. 

Pigma Micron Pen

I love these pens. They come in a multitude of sizes and don’t transfer to the other pages in your Bible. 

Sticky Notes

I use sticky notes when I’m running out of space in my Bible or when I just need an extra pop of color in my Bible. 

Sticky notes can be found anywhere, but l like these linked ones because they come in many different colors. 

Having tools for studying the Bible is so helpful, and God has gifted amazing people to help us on our journeys of understanding the Word of God. 

I hope this post blessed you and you found your new favorite resource! 

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