3 Tips On How To Make Your Home Feel Heavenly


I truly believe having a home that feels heavenly helps with the healing process. 

Our homes are supposed to be our safe haven, our comfort zone, and a place where we find rest.

When our home doesn’t feel this way, it can make healing harder, if not impossible. Here are 3 tips on how to make your home feel heavenly.

3 Tips On How To Make Your Home Feel Heavenly


One of my favorite ways to make my home feel heavenly is to pray over it. And yes, that includes the bathroom. 

I know life can be busy and such a simple task can feel silly at first, but I believe the power of the Holy Spirit is bigger than we think. 

Here is a prayer for you if you don’t know what to pray

“God, thank you for your constant presence with us. As we walk through each room in our house, please bless every space we go to: our living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, basement, attic, garage, and every other room. May every part of our home be consecrated to you and reflect your love. Thank you, God. Amen.”

Bring The Bible Into It

Another way my home feels heavenly is having God’s Word in it. Some people will have a Bible in each of their rooms, and yes even their bathrooms. 

Now I know some like to read while they are doing their business in the bathroom, but that isn’t my thing. But if it’s yours, continue to do so. 

If you are looking for a Bible, I love Hosanna Revival and She Reads Truth.  

Make A Home To Love

Making a home to love doesn’t mean you have to buy a home or have the home be Pinterest-worthy. Your home is yours and should be a place that represents the person God created you to be. 

If you’re struggling with creating a home you love, here are a few ways to bring life to your home:


Textures bring your home contrast. If that’s through a rug, a textured vase, or a piece of furniture. Bring on the textures. It provides a cozy feel and doesn’t allow your home to feel outdated. 

Prints and Shades of Colors 

Don’t be afraid to mix prints. I love mixing prints and finding different ways to style things. Consider colors from the same palette in different prints as well. So, for example, utilize different contrasts of gold or different shades of green. 

Multiple Purpose Items

Just because you buy something for a certain purpose doesn’t mean you can’t use it for other areas of your home. I recently bought a picture of Jesus. It’s a picture that would probably be best on the wall, but I have it next to my cutting boards in the kitchen because well, I like it there. 

Plus, Jesus can watch me make bread. LOL 

I know right now the economy is not the best, and with the rise of pricing on everything, buying items that don’t seem to be necessary for some can seem foolish. 

I love thrifting, which I know most of you know, and I realized something pretty profound lately about thrifting.

Thrifting is like healing. You thrift the things you love, not the things that hurt. You heal the things that hurt so you can enjoy the things you love.


But I’m here to tell you: you can have a home that feels heavenly without breaking the bank.

So, with that being said, I have been keeping a secret…just a little one though.

I’m escatic to announce that I created a vintage Etsy store called Broken Until Now Co

In the shop you’ll find vintage thrifted items that will help make your home feel heavenly and create a healing cozy environment. You can also find Broken Until Now merch. 

Here are a few of the items that you will find at Broken Until Now Co

Vintage Glassware 

Vintage Candleholders

Vintage Plants

Vintage Decor


Broken Until Now Merch


If you aren’t someone who likes to leave your home, or maybe the weather isn’t going the way you plan, you can now thrift online and have a little vintage market at the same time. 

My heart behind Broken Until Now is always to help others in need. With every purchase made at Broken Until Now Co, part of the proceeds will go to Together We Rise. 

Together We Rise is an organization that provides Sweet Cases to foster children. The Sweet Cases are duffle bags with items they may need and so they have more than a trash bag for their belongings. As a former foster youth myself, this is wonderful and an organization that helps children in a very vulnerable and hard time in their lives.

You can read more about Together We Rise here

 I hope that Broken Until Now Co can help you as you learn how to make your home feel heavenly. 

As always, like this post, share this post and remember you are broken until…now. 

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Ashley Marie 

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